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Name:Smash OOC / News
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So it would appear that you've wound up here, of all places...

Be it by warp pipe or hyperspace gateway, interdimensional rift or an afternoon stroll gone awry, you've found yourself in what some might estimate is the center of the multiverse. A series of Islands floating through a strange sky and jam packed with the oddest people and/or creatures the entire span of creation in all realms has to offer.

Well done!

There's a Mansion on the Island you're currently placed in and it might be best if you go and take a look. See what's going on. Network with like-minded individuals. Grab a bite to eat. Maybe find yourself entered into a bi-annual fighting tournament! could (And probably will.) happen.

Smash Rising is an RPG that uses the world of Super Smash Brothers as a base for any and all kinds of video game related antics. The roster of characters is limited only by your desire to apply for them. If it's in a Video Game, it's Fair Game. Bring your best brawlers to our little haven in the middle of the Multiverse and let them shine!


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